Introduction of X.msc

  1. X.msc originates from the placenta. The placenta is a tissue or organ formed by the birth of a baby. The ancient Chinese regarded it as a car from the Galaxy born with babies, and its color was purple-red, so it was called “Zi he che” (means purple river car), and it was also called afterbirth. Its structure is composed of cells derived from infant genes, and also derived from mother gene cells. It has a large number of stem cell clusters with different functions. During pregnancy, the placenta is stabilized in the endometrium and peeled off during production, nutrients and excretion are exchanged In the meantime, and many growth factors are provided to assist in growth. An important stem cell in the structure is derived from the mother’s gene, has a special structure and is located in a specific location, responsible for important functions. Due to the special functional expression, it cannot be vaguely referred to as placental chorionic mesenchymal stem cells (pcMSC), which is isolated from its many pcMSCs, and we named it X.msc. X indicates the maternal gene, symbolizing its particularity, developmental and futuristic. The exosome produced by it is called X.exosome, and it also responds to the development of many special functions and multiple applications, and plays an important role in cell medicine, medical beauty, and longevity health care.
  2. The method of obtaining X.msc from the placenta is not easy. The most important thing is that it can be purified, can survive in the culture medium and can reproduce in large numbers. Such a breeding system can obtain high purity and breeding of multi-generations. “Technical patent”, the key is the formulation of the culture medium and the parameters of the growth environment, and the combination of specific environments must be completed, and X.msc can only nourish and grow under these specific conditions.
  3. The identification of X.msc has three coexisting signs, all of which are unique:
    a. Has maternal gene (x.x) characteristics
    b. Has an estrogen receptor (ER)
    c. Has a progesterone receptor (PR)
  4. The particularity of X.msc:
    a. Safe use for whole body without tumor growth promotion
    b. Both functions of powerful immune balance and regeneration
    c. Temporary inhibition of apoptosis
    d. Activate autologous stem cells for regeneration
  5. X.msc application development:
    a. Due to the advantages of safe use for whole body, the serious contraindications of stem cell cancer promotion have been solved, so derivative applications are comprehensive, including: medical, preventive health care and medical aesthetics applications, especially adjuvant cancer treatment and intensive rehabilitation, anti-aging applications, etc.
    b. Comprehensive development of treatments for autoimmune diseases
    c. Trauma treatment is better than other stem cells.
    d. Comprehensiveness of medical beauty application
    e. Improvement of degenerative diseases
    f. Development of cell sheet medical materials
    g. New application areas of feature exosome 
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