Introduction of X.exosome

  1. Exosome is a collection of key substances surrounded by cell membranes, including microproteins and peptide growth factors. It is secreted and shaped by cells and has a size of about 40nm. It can be sent into any cell when it is sent out. It is also a way of transmitting information between cells. Normal cells secrete about 100 exosome every day, while cancer cells secrete about 1 million daily, and stem cells send out nearly one million daily. In fact,
    exosome secretion is a manifestation of cell viability, and X.msc secretes a lot of exosome.
  2. The functions of X.exosome also follow X.mse, one is safe use for whole body without tumor growth promotion, and the other is the expression of dual functions of immunity and regeneration. The function of stem cell exosome is the expression of the full function of stem cells. Logically, we can use methods to stimulate exosome to exhibit a specific function, but the cell itself does not have this function expression. Conversely, all the functions possessed by cells
    can be displayed by exosome.
  3. X.exosome is definitely better than the exosome performance of other stem cells. The first is high
    concentration and strong activity. The second is safe to use on the skin or tissues. The third is
    widely used in medical and medical beauty, and advanced makeup and care products
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